đàn guitar dây nylon, đàn guitar giá rẻ, bán đàn guitar


Guitar dây nylon

Item No: C40 Name: YAMAHA C40 Classical Guitar Description: YAMAHA C40 classical guitar C40 is the perfect starter model with good sound…Chi tiết
Item No: CX40 Name: YAMAHA CX40 Classical Guitar with built-in pickup Description: YAMAHA CX 40 Natural Yamaha has recognized the signs of…Chi tiết
Item No: C70   Name: YAMAHA C70 Classical Guitar   Description: Yamaha C70 Classical Guitar C70 is the entry level…Chi tiết
YAMAHA C80 CLASSICAL GUITAR NATURAL These modestly priced instruments offer a level of craftsmanship, quality, performance, tone, and playability that…Chi tiết
Item No: CG182S   Name: YAMAHA CG182S Classical Guitar   Description: YAMAHA CG182S Classical Guitar Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce Back…Chi tiết
Yamaha Classic Guitar C40M Technical Details Designed for Beginners, with an Eye and Ear Toward Quality and Affordability Spruce Top,…Chi tiết
Yamaha C40 acoustic guitar is an affordable to guitarists seeking a high quality classical acoustic guitar. The Yamaha C40 is…Chi tiết
C45 is a model from the Yamaha`s C series of classical guitars. Nylon-stringed guitars have been around for over a…Chi tiết
CG122MC comes from the CG series of classical guitars in Yamaha`s catalog. This model is equipped with a standard, non-cutaway…Chi tiết
Yamaha is one of the most prominent non-American manufacturers in the acoustic guitar section of the market. Within this section,…Chi tiết
Classical guitars are pretty much standardized in terms of looks and construction, with materials making the biggest difference from model…Chi tiết
Yamaha has a long tradition with acoustic and classical guitars. An entire section of it`s catalog is dedicated solely to…Chi tiết
CG162C is an intermediate model from the Yamaha CG series of acoustic classical guitars. The series itself is assigned the…Chi tiết
CG162S is a model from Yamaha`s CG series of classical guitars and it comes with a standard, non-cutaway variant of…Chi tiết
The world’s best-selling acoustic-electric guitar, the 500-series embodies the pure spirit of Yamaha guitars – the perfect balance of performance,…Chi tiết

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